Commercial Innovations, Inc. was founded in 1995 with the goal of serving the Midwest as a manufacturer and supplier of specialized roofing products not commonly provided to smaller distribution networks. The goal was to service small and medium distributors who could not secure commercial roofing products in the quantities they needed to compete with larger distributors in their area.

Commercial Innovations concentrates on educating the small commercial roofing contractor on behalf of the customer; servicing and educating the small distributor; and developing flexible buying opportunities for the small distributor that enable them to focus on serving the needs of their main customer, the residential roofer.

In 2006, Commercial Innovations relocated to Cleveland, Ohio in an effort to improve distribution and better serve our customers. Today, we are continuing to serve customers nationwide while remaining focused on our original goal of expanding purchasing opportunities for smaller players in the roofing market.

We provide a full range of quality roofing products to contractors and small distribution networks that could not otherwise compete with larger distributors in procuring commercial roofing products. Commercial Innovations has successfully serviced thousands of customers across the country, providing them with high-quality products as well as education on the use, installation and maintenance requirements of those products and systems.