Viking TG Glassfelts

Product Description

Viking TG Glassfelts are heavy duty, coal tar saturated fiberglass mats used as ply sheets in the construction of a coal tar built-up roof. The mats are made of fiberglass mono filaments bonded together with a water resistant melamine binder and reinforced with fiberglass strands. They are coated with high quality, roofing-grade coal tar and dusted with fine sand to prevent sticking. Viking TG IV meets ASTM D 4990 Type I and Viking TG VI exceeds Type I by over 35%. Viking TG Glassfelts can be used in conjunction with ASTM D 450 Type I coal tar to create a coal tar built-up roof.

In the process of manufacturing, a porous sheet of uniformly distributed glass fibers bonded with a resinous binder is uniformly coated with coal tar. The impregnated mat is surfaced lightly with fine sand to prevent sticking in the roll. The coal tar impregnated glass mat shall neither crack nor be so sticky as to cause tearing upon being unrolled at ambient temperatures above 50°F (10°C).