Viking TSC

Product Description

Viking™ TSC Coating is a selected blend of asphalt, refined coal tar pitch, aromatic solvents and thermoplastic polymers. It’s designed for waterproofing a variety of structural surfaces and is compatible with both coal tar pitch and asphalt roofing systems. Viking TSC Coating provides a seamless, elastomeric surfacing for new or aged roofing and waterproofing systems. Viking TSC Coating works as a waterproof resurfacer over asphalt BUR or gravel surfaced coal tar BUR.

Product Advantages

  • Highly resistant to chemical and ultraviolet attack
  • Waterproofs and extends life of roofing systems
  • Ponding water resistance makes it ideal for low slope roofs
  • Forms a strong, flexible, monolithic, seamless membrane
  • Meets current VOC requirements
  • Non-Asbestos
  • Cold-applied and cures to a tough, durable protective barrier