Cool Topper

Product Description

Cool Topper™ is a white, non-toxic, fire retardant roof coating formulated from water-based, pure acrylic, self-curing latex polymers. Cool Toppers also contains unique “bleed-blocking” polymers that make it very suitable for use over asphaltic surfaces. It is designed for application by brush, roller or spray. Once cured, Cool Toppers preserves asphaltic or modified bitumen surfaces and reduces under roof temperatures to create a more pleasant interior work environment that is less costly to maintain. Cool Toppers is an approved product under CRRC and Title 24 standards.

Product Advantages

Energy Savings – Typical dark colored built-up roofs can absorb over 70% of the solar energy that reaches them, creating temperatures over 1800F (82.20C). Studies confirm that Cool Toppers can reduce roof temperatures by 500 to 800F (100 to 26.70C) and save significant amounts of cooling energy durning the summer months

Reduces Roof Degradation – Solar heat accelerates roof system degradation. In addition, roofing materials contract and expand daily as the heat up during the day and cool at night. A roof coated with Cool Toppers does not experience such large temperature fluctuations; therefore, the roofing sytem undergoes less fatigue. Cool Toppers white, flexible finish reflects the sun’s ultraviolet raus and reduces their damaging effects.

Environmentally Friendly – Cool Toppers eliminates the flammability and toxicity hazards associated with solvent based coatings. There are no irritating or unpleasant odors with Cool Toppers.

Reduces Roof Life-Cycle Costs – Over time, UV light de-grades the chemical structure of a roofing membrane, which then causes chalking, cracking, shrinking, loss of flexibility, and surface erosion. Cool Toppers high-performance acrylic polymers give added strength, flexibility, adhesion, and color-retention to aged roofing systems.
Fire Retardant – Cool Toppers contains a unique blend of ingredients that produce a superior, flame-retardant surface. Passes Class A Fire Rating for slopes up to 1:12 slope when installed over suitable substrate.