MetalWhite2 – Finish Coating

Product Description

MetalWhite2 was specifically designed for application to metal roofs and side walls with unusual geometric designs. MetalWhite2 can easily be applied over sloped, contoured surfaces, and will give long lasting, colorful protection. This coating can be used on most types of con- crete, metal and synthetic membrane roof materials.

Made from select synthetic rubbers, MetalWhite2 is applied as easily as heavy bodied paints. It cures to a monolithic rubbery membrane with high tensile strength and the ability to elongate and recover. Cured MetalWhite2 is firmly adhered to the substrate, and has the ability to “bridge” hairline cracks (less than 8 mils wide @ 70 ̊ F, and no notice- able difference in height between the two sides of the crack) that may develop, maintaining continuous waterproof membrane. For extended durability, use in combination with Plioseal Metal Roof Cover Tape or other Plioseal Tape Products.

MetalWhite2 is available in white, gray or other pastel colors on a special order basis. This enables the entire building to have matching or complimentary decor. This can be an important advantage when color conditioning an entire area, like shopping centers or other building groups.

Coating may be applied with a paint brush, heavy nap roller, standard spray equipment, or airless spray with a minimum of 30 mil orifice. The first coat should be allowed to dry 1 to 3 days before applying the second coat.

MetalWhite2 is basically applied 2 gallons per square on metal roofs in two coats, and 1 gallon per square on side walls, which produces a dry film thickness of 6 mils per gallon. It is applied as easily as any heavy bodied paint, but cures after application to a rubber-like membrane having excellent adhesion, elongation, recovery, tensile strength and durability.