MetalWhite2 – Flashing Cement

Product Description

MetalWhite2 Flashing Cement was formulated in conjunction with MetalWhite2 Coating, with industrial and commercial roofs as our prime objective. It is formulated to be compatible with most existing roof systems. It is designed for long lasting repairs and maintenance of present roof systems.

MetalWhite2 Flashing Cement is made from a blend of synthetic rubber, plasticizers, glass fibers, antioxidants and mild solvents. MetalWhite has exceptional workability and sag resistance.

MetalWhite2 Flashing Cement has approximately 20% more solids by volume than most rubbers systems. Therefore, the film thickness is much greater than present day competitive sealants, at a price that is generally lower per gallon than the lower percent solids materials.

MetalWhite2 Flashing Cement develops quickly into a monolithic rubber membrane without seams or overlaps. MetalWhite2 Flash- ing Cement develops exceptional adhesion to most types of concrete, masonry, insulation board, old tar or bituminous roofs. The consistency allows joints up to two inches to be applied without dripping or sag.

MetalWhite2 Flashing Cement is a long lasting “Roof Saver” repair tool that can be a real “Money Saver” for the roof owner.