Dependo-Weld (Mineral)

Product Description

Dependo-Weld is an APP modified bitumen sheet. It incorpo- rates the resilient features of a non-woven polyester mat with the application and performance benefits of an APP (Atactic Polypropylene) modified asphalt.

Dependo-Weld has a construction that delivers the essential durability and applicability of an APP modified membrane. The design requires less heat with easier workability. The Dependo-Weld mat supplies superior pliability while maintaining the essential tensile properties of polyester allow- ing for accommodation to normal stresses of rooftop expansion and contraction.

The top of the sheet has a mineral surface. The bottom of the sheet has a printed polyolefin burn-off film to enhance heat welding. Dependo-Weld is intended for use as a modified bitumen component either as a cap sheet in multi-ply commercial or single ply residential applications. Dependo-Weld may be left uncoated or coated with suitable listed coatings. Install Dependo-Weld using heat-welding application techniques.