Viking CIAP-2TA

Product Description

CI’s VIKING CIAP-2TA modified bitumen base sheet is composed of select atactic polypropylene resins blended with high quality, distilled bitumen (asphalt), and reinforced with a fiberglass mat. VIKING CIAP-2TA carries a UL Type G2 classification, and can be used in any APP modified bitumen waterproofing system. VIKING CIAP-2TA may be either mechanically fastened or torch applied to approved substrates. CI’s VIKING CIAP-2TA used in conjunction with CI’s VIKING CIAS-4TA, VIKING CIAM-4TA or VIKING CIPM-4.5TA will not only enhance the overall modified bitumen membrane system, but will provide the cap sheet with a compatible base for attachment, lessening the probability of insufficient bonding.