Viking CIF-3HM

Product Description

CI’s VIKING CIF-3HM is composed of select distilled bitumen and SBS; reinforced with a high strength fiberglass mat. CI’s VIKING CIF- 3HM will eliminate the concerns of compatibility and performance between SBS cap sheets bonded to oxidized bitumen base sheets by heat welding. CI’s VIKING CIF-3HM also enhances the overall flexibility and fatigue resistance of hot applied systems. CI’s VIKING CIF-3HM also eliminates the concern that the oxidized bitumen component of the roof system is the “weak link” in performance. Oxidized bitumen base sheets are not modified with SBS polymer. These base sheets are hard, brittle and have poor flexibility at lower temperatures in comparison to modified bitumen base sheets. Oxidized bitumen does not blend well with SBS polymer. CI’s VIKING CIF-3HM, when used in conjunction with any CI’s SBS modified bitumen membrane, will give you a membrane system unsurpassed in performance. CI’s VIKING CIF-3HM, used in lieu of oxidized bitumen base sheets, and applied with modified SBS cap sheets, will turn your one-ply modified bitumen roofing membrane system into a two-ply modified bitumen roofing system with excellent performance characteristics.