Plioseal Flashing Tape

Product Description

Plioseal Flashing Tape is a laminate of Plioseal adhesive/sealant and uncured EPDM membrane. Plioseal adhesive/sealant is a patented, black, butyl-based, permanently pressure-sensitive, fully cured tape for single-ply roofing membrane.

Plioseal Flashing is available in standard roll form of 5”, 6”, and 12”. The standard thickness of the EPDM membrane is 0.045”. The nominal thickness of the adhesive is 0.025”. Other widths and thicknesses (adhesive and membrane) are also available on a special order basis. All products are supplied on high strength, specially formulated release liner.

Plioseal Flashing may be used for general purpose flashing of roof top protrusions, patching/repairing seams, leaking covers, and as a redundant/reinforcing seal. Plioseal Flashing was specifically developed for the use with EPDM single-ply roofing membrane. However, it adheres well to most types of roofing membranes as well as to other materials used in construction including painted and unpainted metals, brick, ceramic, wood, rubber, vinyl,and concrete.