Seal Tite 6 RUSS Strip

Product Description

SealTite TPO / White EPDM Pressure-Sensitive Strip is a nominal 0.045″ (1.14mm) thick reinforced TPO membrane strip with a nominal 0.035″ (0.89mm) thick, fully cured synthetic rubber pressure sensitive adhesive laminated along one edge. The pressure sensitive adhesive is non-staining and will not affect the color of the membrane overtime. The reinforced TPO membrane is 6″ (150mm) wide while the adhesive strip is 3″ (75mm) wide. TPO/White EPDM Pressure Sensitive Strip may be used with SealTite TPO and RubberTite White EPDM membrane and should be installed on horizontal surfaces using an appropriate fastener below the deck membrane to provide additional securement at angle changes. For SealTite TPO membrane, Fasteners and Barred plates are utilized for strip securement while Fasteners and Seam Fastening plates are used with Rubbertite White EPDM membrane.