Solar Brite Adhesive

Product Description

  • Solar Brite Bonding Adhesive is a low VOC solvent borne contact adhesive, designed for bonding non-fleece back Solar Brite membranes to pre-approved horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Bonding Adhesive is compliant with all air quality districts in the state of California and other regulated areas in the USA, making it the most environmentally friendly “solvent” borne adhesive available.
  • Bonding Adhesive is a Nitrile/PVC polymeric adhesive. The adhesive is quick drying but has an extended “open-time” so proper planning, placement and care to insure appropriate adhesion, especially during periods of high humidity, is necessary.
  • Bonding Adhesive is listed/approved for use with specific Solar Brite Roofing Systems by FM-Global and Underwriters Laboratories.