Solar Brite FB 50-Mil Membrane

Product Description

  • Solar Brite-FB Membrane features a 12 x 11 / 840 x 1,000 denier weft reinforced polyester knit fabric coated with a proprietary ethylene interpolymer compound utilizing DuPont Elvaloy® KEE as the principle polymer, with a 6oz/yd2 (200 g/m2) 100% continuous filament polyester non-woven fabric heat-bonded to the back side.
  • Solar Brite-FB membrane is a nominal 50 mil (1.3 mm) thick membrane manufactured in conventional roll goods with a 3 inch (3.6 cm) weldable selvage edge.
  • Solar Brite-FB membrane can be adhered using Solar Brite adhesives to a variety of pre- approved substrates. Field seaming is accomplished by fusing the thermoplastic membrane with conventional hot air welding equipment.
  • Solar Brite-FB membrane excels in puncture, UV, tear and flame resistance. All Solar Brite Roofing Systems are resistant to most forms of fungus, algae and/or micro-biological attack.