Solar Brite Flashing Boot

Product Description

  • Commercial Innovations provides pre-molded and sheet form non-reinforced accessories tocomplementtheflashingneedsforSolarBrite RoofingSystems.
  • These flashing components are manufactured from Commercial innovations proprietary compound, utilizing DuPont’sTM Elvaloy® KEE (Ketone Ethylene Ester) compound as the principle polymer.
  • Pre molded KEE pipe flashings are injection molded and designed to accommodate cylindrical penetrations from 1-in up to 6-in in diameter.
  • Pre-molded universal inside/outside corner flashings are injection molded and designed to accommodate 90° inside or outside wall, curb and other rectangular penetration corners.
  • The use of pre-molded pipe and corner flashings significantly improves installation consistency and reduces field labor.
  • Commercial Innovations also provides a 60-mil, non-reinforced KEE membrane to use in roofing applications where the pre-molded components do not accommodate the penetration.