Thermoplastic One Part Pourable Sealer

Product Description

Thermoplastic One-Part Pourable Sealer is a one-part, moisture curing, elastomeric polyether sealant providing rapid skin time when exposed to atmospheric moisture forming a waterproof rubber
surface in less than an hour. Moisture curing continues for fourteen to twenty-eight days, until a two-inch deep solid rubber seal encases the penetration. Complete cure time will vary depending on relative humidity and temperature.

This product is designed for use with the TPO and PVC Molded Sealant Pocket. The sealant’s one-part, pourable consistency allows for quick pocket filling without mixing. Pliobond® Primer Wash must be applied to all surfaces that will be in contact with the Thermoplastic One-Part Pourable Sealer. Primer is not used with the PVC Molded Sealant Pocket. Unused sealant remaining in the pouch will remain useable up to 30 days if pouch is resealed with original cap.