Weldtite FB Plus 80 Elvaloy


The Weldtite FB Plus 80 Elvaloy® KEE Roofing Membranes are high-performance thermoplastic mem- branes designed for mechanically attached or adhered roofing applications. The Weldtite FB Plus 80 Roofing Membrane is produced with DuPont Elvaloy® KEE and is manufactured in thicknesses of 80 Mils of polyester reinforced membrane with a fleece backing.
For re-roofing installations, the fleece backing serves as a separation or cushioning layer between the membrane and a preexisting, smooth built-up or cap sheet surface, including structural or lightweight concrete decks and various types of insulations. In adhered and mechanically attached applications, the Weldtite FB Plus 80 Elvaloy® KEE Roofing Membrane can be installed directly over most substrates with excellent results.


The Weldtite FB Plus 80 Elvaloy® KEE Roofing Membranes have been specifically designed for use over minor imperfections, splits or ridges that may have formed in the existing roof system. The fleece backing acts as a cushioning layer which prevents abrasion problems and keeps small imperfections or ridges from coming in contact with the membrane, eliminating the need for insulation or slipsheets. The unique combination of the quality performance and longevity of the Weldtite FB Plus 80 Elvaloy® KEE Thermoplastic Roofing Membranes with the durability and added protection of the fleece backing provides the building owner with an unmatched, superior roof system.